Saturday, April 19, 2014

Fall / Winter 2014 - Trend Presentation

This season’s trend presentation was inspired by an image published from conde nast. The image was one of the many runway images used in the presentation. Since this event is centered on fashion we had to use a typeface that was commonly used in this industry.

The “Biondi” typeface is the font that is commonly used for fashion industry. By using solid simple shapes we stayed on trend with graphic design. The logo for the event was designed to be short, simple and impactful. All of the logos were designed in black in white to make sure they could work in any background.

There are two versions of the invite.  One version of the invite, has a portion of the content. While on the other version, all of the content is available (All of the content elongates the invite ). The longer the invite, the harder it is to get people to purchase tickets to the event.  In order to unify the design, i made sure that all of the typefaces were the same color.

This version of the design was used as a banner to promote the event on Facebook and google+. This horizontal version also works well for the tickets of the event which were also designed by me.

On social platforms we used the following image. This image works well on feed streams. It instantly grabs the attention of any follower of fgi  and informs them of the event.