Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Short Story: Impose

This story was conceived at the same time that I thought of "race". I worked to develop the continuation of the characters and the events that followed after the race. I decided to go in the direction of a wall, as to divide the community. It was the response of the turtle after a crushing defeat. The objective of the turtle, was to divide the forest community. Making the wall an invisible character. The wall paid a major role in this story because it was in most of the illustrations. Drawing on current events, I wanted the wall to symbolize division and have it imposed onto the residents. The wall overshadow and divided the forest community(which was its purpose).

I intended to continue developing the tension between the wolf and the forest residents with the exception of a new character, humpty. Unlike the previous short story, I didn't develop this character before hand. I developed him as I went along with the story. My initial thought was to portray humpty like he'd been portrayed in classic children's tales. As the story grew my perception of the character changed. I needed humpty to take on more of a enforcement role. I wanted humpty to be a security guard, acting like a gatekeeper. I gave the character an authority complex, which suited the narrative.

By having the character of humpty and the turtle unite, it gave the story complexity. One character wanted to get back at the wolf and the other wanted to get respect through his job. This was a perfect cocktail for a disaster. The combination of the wolf and the hare only created an  even more tension. I wanted this story to focus on that tension. I even made it a point to depict the wall on most of the visuals. At first, I depicted the wall with bricks then changed my mind to rocks. This unorganized characteristic of rocks added to the narrative.

I encourage you to read the short story on my website- http://www.gaarte.com/impose/