Friday, April 11, 2014

Casualitization - Invite for a Menswear Panel discussion

This design was for an event catering to the professional menswear audience. I decided to do an invitation that was elegant. Since this project had a quick deadline, I only used type and color.

I started with, multiple versions of the casualization logo. The concept of the design had to be integrated into the logo. Using the handwriting of my supervisor, I created a causal feeling  for the invitation.

The hand written element was carried throughout the design. The first versions of the design was in black and white. All elements of the design were centered in order to increase the readability. The rectangular composition works best for eblast across multiple platforms, browsers and devices.


To heighten the visual impact of the design, the team suggested to introduce the color red. 
(The hints of red, unify and marry the menswear concept to the casual concept.)