Monday, August 31, 2015

FGI Directory

The FGI directory is one of the most coveted books in the fashion industry. This year, I had the privilege of working on the entire book.  Everything from the cover to index pages was overseen by me. I decided to change the creative direction of the book to reflect the industry.

The cover of the book was handled like an extension of the corporate branding material. I wanted to evoke the same sensibility as the business cards. I choose to keep everything simple yet elegant. Membership cards (which are printed separately) are placed on top of the book when packaged. I designed the cards to have the same color as the cover. The bottom of the card is designed to clearly show the region and name of the corresponding member. The perforation, enables the design act like actual card.

This book is designed to two parts. One section is printed black and white while the other is printed in color. The color section has ads and editorials while the black and white section has listings and index es. As a designer, i wanted to make sure that both sections united through design. I needed to make sure that the entire book was consistent through the layout, typefaces and compositions.

The editorial pages were given a contemporary feeling while the listing pages were given a more classic feeling .The layout of each editorial page was dynamic and different from one another. I even got to use a digital painting i did in 2014>>. The layout for the listing pages was more rigid and structural. The redesign of this book was a complete success, i think i was able to meet the design expectation of the membership (who just so happen to be the fashion elite).