Monday, January 4, 2016


Xmas was the first story that i thought would be engaging for the relaunch my website. The relaunch of the website happen to be during the holiday season. Initially the story was not intended to be rhythmical in nature. As the story evolved so did all aspects of the story including the rhythm. The storyline was plotted out first then the images were developed and finally the story was written(and later revised).

The development of the characters was my starting point. I would later develop the backgrounds and use all of that information to guide me on the final product. The final images were painted to have a less digital aspect to them. I wanted to reference some of the classic christmas imagery but still keep the story, brand consistent. All of the images combined together present a story that is a dark but deceitfully joyous in it’s demeanor. The story strikes a good balance between the images and the text.

The inspiration behind the story was the mass shootings that have been taking place during recent years. During the summer of 2015, I took a stroll through midtown with a coworker. We walked past the empire state building which reminded me of the shooting that occurred in 2012. When a worker who had been fired, shot and killed his former colleagues (He was later killed by police). I thought of combining this story with the concept of displacement through automation. The final outcome was a story of a mass shooting in the north pole. 

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